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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Nigerians Spend $200m Yearly On Cancer In India Hospitals!

Nigerians spend a whopping sum of 200 million dollars yearly, visiting Indian hospitals for cancer solutions, thereby placing Nigeria top on the list of countries visiting Indian hospitals globally.

This startling figure was disclosed on Wednesday at an exhibition to mark the World Cancer Day, organised by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy(CECP) and the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria on Victoria Island, Lagos.

Speaking at the event, the chairman on the occasion, Professor Pat Utomi, who described cancer as a terrible scourge, said urgent solution was needed to prevent this ailment that had shortened lives of our loved ones in this country.

Another speaker, Mr Alfred Onyali lamented that Nigeria is well blessed with abundant resources, hence the need for many hospitals both in the hinterland and urban areas,

He added that we do not have any justifiable reason to travel abroad to receive medical treatment.

According to him, India has 120 cancer centres, adding that We could replicate the same here, in order to save lives of our loved ones who are dying daily because of this scourge.

He said the latest record on cancer in India is 99 per cent survivor as of today, while it is zero level in Nigeria. “There are many hospitals in India, so they can detect the symptoms early.

“We need to do same here because I know cancer can be cured if detected early.”As at today ,no fewer than 26 men are killed daily of the prostate cancer and 40 women dying of breast cancers.

Imagine Nigeria has the worst record on cancer as at today and we must do something to right the wrongs of the past. “It is high time our government should emphasis more on how to protect and prevent loss of lives and to de-emphasis focus on politicking. The exhibitors, however, concluded that comprehensive cancer centre and mobile cancer centre should be established in all the states to enable people to have access to medical check up, in order to outright exterminate cancer menace in the country.

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