Monday, 16 February 2015

Simple Steps To Get A USA Visit Visa.

USA Tourist Visa

Migrating to this happiest nation is not such a difficult task, as the rules and regulations that are involved in USA Visitor Visa are quite simple when compared to other developed nations. In general, a visitor is granted a visit permit to travel to their dream destination temporarily for pleasure, attending special events, medical treatment, visiting relatives, family, children, friends, or for tourism. Visitor visa or the tourist visa of USA is also known as B1-B2 or B2 visa.

An overseas individual is allowed to apply for USA visitor Visa based on the purpose of visit and the duration of stay. Basically, United States has two types of visitor visas- they are Immigrant and Nonimmigrant visa.

Nonimmigrant visa: An applicant is permitted to apply for B-1/B-2 visa i.e. non Immigrant category for those who intend to enjoy their temporary stay in the country.

Immigrant visa: This special visa category is for applicants who wish to attain permanent residency in the country

Every year, thousands of individuals from across the globe flock to this beautiful nation to experience its numerous well-known landmarks and thrilling activities. To make your itinerary fruitful here we are listing few of the best places to see in your dream country.

USA Visitor Visa Requirements:
Following are the requirements that an individual must meet to apply for a visa:
Valid passport
Sufficient funds to support themselves financially in the country
Purpose of your visit must be for medical treatment, sightseeing or for any other business visit
Must not be under any criminal records


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