Sunday, 8 February 2015

UK Marriage For Passport Fraud Imbroglio!

Call it a cause and effect situation or a catch 22 scenario, it all goes with the sail. The issue of marriage for convenience has been with us for long. It is an open secret to the Home Office whom seem hindered and overwhelmed to be able to proactively engage the problem. The men or even women always act out a script, wherein during the pendency of the marriage they are as humble and gentle as a dove. This is called the marking out time period, akin to a prison sentence. They hardly complain, no matter the insults thrown at them, but alas, after the temporary residence period and on being granted a British passport, their next destination is always the United States, leaving the children and husband or wife in tatters. Purpose achieved, marriage ended, on to the next!!

Mrs Sow, 58, has been calling for action since her Senegalese husband Laye walked out on her in 2013 after obtaining his British citizenship, leaving her £50,000 out of pocket.

Couple caught in British passport quagmire!

Working as a promoter within the World Music scene, she met musician Laye at a London nightclub in May 2007. He told her he was a widower supporting three young children in Senegal. He even showed her a death certificate for his late wife and three birth certificates for his children.

'He was a talented, intelligent and good-looking man, and seemed religious and humble. He seemed the perfect match for me,' she said.

'I thought it was love in his eyes, but it was pound signs.'

The couple had an Islamic ceremony in Dakar, Senegal, in December 2007, and married again at Kingston-upon-Thames Register Office in June 2008. Mrs Sow bought a large Victorian home in Dover, in preparation for her becoming step-mother to his children.

After three years he won British citizenship. But then a shocked Mrs Sow found out that his wife was still alive, and found Facebook messages from Laye to scores of other women he was targeting on dating websites.

He was also expecting a child with a British woman he'd been seeing behind her back. It later emerged he was wanted by immigration police in The Netherlands over an alleged marriage to a Dutch woman in 2002.

Police have begun an investigation into Laye for bigamy, fraud and associated crimes. But it is unclear if he is still in Britain, and he did not respond to requests for comment.

Following the break-up, Mrs Sow started Immigration Marriage Fraud UK with another woman, Delene Alouane, who lost £150,000 to her Tunisian ex-husband.

They have since been contacted by 600 people (70 per cent women and 30 per cent men) who say they have been targeted and duped into marriage by immigrants seeking a visa.
After marriage, they apply to settle in Britain with their UK spouse, before dumping them when they are granted the right to remain here indefinitely, or acquire citizenship.

It is common for the fraudster to claim half of their UK partner's home by having their name added to the property by the Land Registry without their spouse's knowledge.

In many cases, they also rack up five-figure credit card bills and loans secured against their unsuspecting partner's property.

Immigration Minister James Brokenshire last night insisted the Home Office was tightening the rules on marrying foreign partners.

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