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Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Guess we do not have anything to be afraid of if we are law abiding!

Ahead of Saturday’s Presidential election, stern-looking and combat-ready soldiers were Monday, spotted along the Boundary Market-Marine Beach Road, in Ajegunle, Lagos controlling traffic in the area.

Residents who spoke to Vanguard said the soldiers had been deployed to the area since Saturday, even as they had a show-of-force physical exercise that day.

According to them, since the soldiers arrived the area, they have taken over control of traffic.
This development Vanguard gathered has restored normalcy in the area, as against the usual chaotic traffic jam caused by the indiscriminate parking by yellow bus (danfo) drivers and ‎motorcyclists (okada riders) in the axis.

A resident, Wale Oke said: “Since Saturday, that these soldiers have been here, the chaotic traffic build-up we have especially along this Boundary Market Roundabout has been cleared-off.

“This no-nonsense soldiers have cleared-off all the danfo bus drivers and the okada riders who park indiscriminately along this road to pick and drop passengers. This is a nice development,” he said.