Saturday, 30 May 2015

Kenyan In Naija Sex Scandal!

TNA nominated senator, Joy Gwendo claims that she is aware of those behind her alleged ‘expulsion’ from the party and reports that she was caught romping with a Nigerian man in a car outside an entertainment spot.

Gwendo told The Nairobian that prior to a local publication running the story on the alleged sex escapade with a Naija, she had been warned by a member of TNA that such a story was being cooked.

“A fellow party member told me this would happen, and even revealed the perpetrators. But I took it lightly because I thought no sane person could fake such a story,” she told this writer.

According to the senator, on the same day the accusation was made, she was stuck in traffic until late in the night, and even posted on Facebook and Twitter describing how she dumped her car at Kengeles in Madaraka and trekked home with her husband.

Thomas Mbewa, Gwendo’s husband, also confirmed to The Nairobian that they were together at the time she was allegedly heating things up with an ‘Oga broda.’

Gwendo says she quit drinking a year ago (the story alleged that she was high as a kite) and does not even know where the restaurant she allegedly met the Nigeria is located.

Blaming her woes on politics and extortionists, she said the TNA Kisumu branch could not purport to expel her because she was a resident of Nairobi County. She even produced evidence showing that she is a member of the Nairobi delegation headed by Senator Mike Sonko and that she was nominated by Nairobi and not Kisumu.

“I am a member of TNA Nairobi, and I have documents to prove it.

I only changed my registration as a voter in Kisumu last month because it is my ancestral home, but that has not yet been effected,” said Gwendo.

The senator also told The Nairobian that a group of individuals comprising a relative of a top party official had approached her in 2013 demanding Sh3 million, and that her woes began with the extortionists swearing that they would not rest until she is expelled from the party and loses her seat in the Senate.

Gwendo claims the individual being propped to take over her nomination slot is the wife of the man behind her problems.

She claimed that the woman in question, who is a nominated MCA in Nairobi, has been bragging to colleagues to ‘watch this space’ as she’s destined for bigger things.

“These issues are not from the top leadership of the party. In fact, there has been no complaint letter from the Senate leadership, TNA national office or even the said county office. All the national organs are very happy with my work, both for the party and in the House. In fact, I have received a lot of accolades for outstanding achievements in the short time. It’s just a small group of extortionists, which is normal in politics,” said Gwendo.

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