Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Big Brother star Kimberly Kisselovich has been handed a deportation notice, just 12 days after marrying her partner and BB co-star Steven Goode.

According to the Daily Star, Kimberly's current visa is linked to her ex-partner and she has not sorted out a new one since getting hitched last month.

Her new hubby Steven told the paper that married life has turned into a living nightmare as they face the possibility that Kimberley may no longer be able to reside in the country.

He said: "We made an application for Kimberly to have permanent residency in the UK.

"Her previous visa was linked to her ex-partner Sasha Freemind, due to the fact their relationship had ceased, her visa became invalid. Hence our new application.

"Now it has been rejected for what we perceive as no apparent reason."

Steven continued: "Kim going back to America is a complete disaster. It basically splits us for up for what could be many months of court battling.

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