Thursday, 18 June 2015


Lobadoyin!! Like Toke Makinwa's husband like our very own everybody's golden haired boy, Ex Gov Fashola!

Former Gov BabaTunde Fashola Allegedly Fathered Biodun Mcgregor’s Twins?

Biodun Mcgregor works with the Lagos state government but is not your everyday celeb or name you easily run into on the social media until now.....

Biodun recently birthed twins and all fingers are pointing towards the immediate past Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola as the man who fathered the kids!


Fashola, contrary to widespread perception is indeed human after all. Like the middling man next door, the former Governor of Lagos State craved Biodun's rosy cheek; he admired her coral lips, and driven by his lust for the spark of her star-like eyes, Fashola threw caution to the wind and ignored the proverbial wisdom of using 'raincoat' to chop,clean mouth and waka.

Insiders confirm that the former governor who recently completed his second term in office is undeniably a soft hearted man inside....particularly to members of the opposite sex. There are women who make his heart flutter and palpitate uncontrollably with passion and one of them is Biodun Mcgregor,his now baby mama.

Biodun who works with Lagos State Government, is one of those ladies whose presence illuminates the social scene. Pretty and conscious of it, Biodun methodically milks her beauty to advantage, particularly in extorting men of her most pressing wants. Sometime back, Biodun got pregnant and delivered a beautiful set of twins and all fingers pointed in the direction of a popular governor.

In the wake of the incident, Biodun's fortune turned for the better, and her world became cozier like a garden grown to full bloom. And the reason is not far-fetched.

Insider revealed that as soon as Biodun put to bed the former governor dipped into his very deep pockets and spoiled her silly with gifts of cash and expensive possessions and Speculations abound that it is likely he marries her as his second wife.

''if he decides to do so however, he wouldn’t be in the wrong as his Islamic faith allows him to have more than one wife'' argues a very source close to the former governor.

The former governor is notable for his generosity with women. Ask any woman that has been fortunate enough to cross his path and the the testimonies you will get are endless. Besides Biodun, Fashola allegedlykeeps a bevy of concubines. At the mere mention of his name, the faces of his women break into infectious smiles, their hearts melt and a silent laughter dance on their lips. They would give anything to sustain his love and generosity.

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