Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Nign Dr. Disgraced In The UK!

Widely-acclaimed and stupendously rich Nigerian doctor, Dr Titus Wole Odedun has been struck off the medical register in the UK.

This means he can no longer practise as a doctor in the UK and Europe!

Dr Wole's travails began when he was found pretending to be a specialist in trauma, orthopaedics and surgery to win work as an expert witness in court cases.

He allegedly filled his CV with fake qualifications in an online database of medical experts and forged his work history in order to win lucrative work as an expert witness in court cases.

A medical misconduct tribunal found Odedun had given evidence in several court cases while claiming to be more highly trained than he was while exaggerating his professional experience in witness statements.

The tribunal ruled he had “no right to use the various titles he awarded himself” and found he did so “in order to obtain a greater volume of medico-legal work at a significantly higher fee”.

It described his lies as “persistent misbehaviour over a long period of time” and ruled his name should be erased from the doctors’ register.

Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust said that Odedun worked as an A&E consultant from 1992 until his retirement in 2005, after which he began taking on medico-legal work as an expert witness.

Odedun denied he had falsely made up qualifications and claimed he was being targeted by a solicitors firm because he was so successful with whiplash claimant reports.

Dr Wole was born in Osun State. He owns a private clinic on Harley street with about 120 doctors in his employ and the centre has been operational for about 13 years.

He also owns a penthouse, 30 cars and a 10 acre property in London.

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