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Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Although ex-President Obasanjo is not happy with Bukola Saraki for going against his new party the way he did and he made it very clear to him and his entourage, but he has promised to intervene.

Obasanjo scolded Saraki and other Senators who plotted the Senate President coup with him, saying “you children of nowadays, you only run to elders when you have finished making the damage”.

To make things easy, Obasanjo spoke with President Buharri before Saraki got to his house.

A presidency source said Buhari is always in contact with Obasanjo, especially to seek for advise..

The source said in one of their recent conversations, Obasanjo informed Buhari that Saraki was leading a small delegation of Senators to his Abeokuta home to beg for his intervention.

“I overheard President Buhari laughing and saying to Obasanjo, ‘you have to see them, are they not all your boys’?” the presidency source said.

To this end, Obasanjo has promised to “ensure communication between all parties”.

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