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Tuesday, 28 July 2015


NIGERIA: A lady Amanda who resides in Abuja shared a story of how this young lady pictured above was battered by her boyfriend over suspicion that she is sleeping with other men. According to Amanda it took the intervention of neighbours before she was rescued from him. Read what she wrote;

“Just few moments ago, I heard the noise of crying , the same noise I hear a lot on some nights but ignore. Today it was worse. I thought it was the woman in the next compound beating her house help , I said that I will talk to her about That tomorrow. But the cry was getting desperate, I just had to go out and check it out. Then our security guy was shouting Aunt come oh. that is how I knew it was serious.

My neighbour was mauling his girlfriend, serious beating all attempt to separate them was in vain. I just used the advantage of the two guys holding him back to drag the girl with me back to my house. Now he comes banging on my gate, how she is cheating on him, and how someone told him they saw her with a man and this boy beat this girl to stupor. Turns out he stole her money and when she asked for it he gave the first blow. A big man beating a tiny slip of a girl. Half my size.

I don't get it ladies. Why would you take beating from a man for what. If your girlfriend is cheating pls now walk away . Now this guy is banging on my gates. Calling me names and telling me that thunder will fire my generation if i don't open the door and bring her out. That he feeds her so he decides what to do to her.
This helplessness is what scares me the most. This vulnerability, this assumed power is what scares me. This is that thing I preach against and I wont stop no matter what.”


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