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Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Looks like it is gonna be a helluva of a battle as some contenders are already touring Nigeria and galvanising support, anyway, it all goes with the sail! Continue reading:

If feelers reaching National Weekender from the ancient Yoruba city of Ile- Ife, are anything to go by, the wait for a new Ooni to the throne of the ancient city, may not be long. This on the strength of reliable information which strongly suggests that the first son of the late Ooni , Oba Okunade Adele Sijuade, Prince TokunboSijuade is likely to succeed his father as the next traditional ruler of Ile-Ife.

According to a source close to the Council of Chiefs’ deliberations on-going to determine whether or not, to allow Tokunbo take-over the rulership role of his late father, the late Oba before his death, had anointed Tokunbo and given instructions to his chiefs to make sure that, he succeeds him. He added that not all the chiefs are in support of the mov, since some of them believe that tradition should be followed to determine who the next Ooni should be.

“As it stands now in Ife, Tokunbo is most likely to succeed his late father because from what I gathered from some chiefs, the late Oba Okunade anointed him and told his council of chiefs to allow him take-over from him once he joins his ancestors,” he disclosed. The source further revealed that although the tradition of the Ife does not permit this, the late king was crowned in a similar fashion.

“The tradition truly does not permit it, but the late king was allegedly crowned in the same manner. The king before him, late Oba Aderemi, was said to have raised his hand and anointed him his successor on his sick bed shortly before he died. And from what I gathered, late Oba Sijuade has also anointed Tokunbo to succeed him.” He explained.

There have been speculations about potential successors to the revered throne and the lists keep getting longer by the day. The status of the Ooni in not just Yoruba Land, but attracts both national and international attention.

Even fellow royal fathers acknowledge the leadership of the occupant of the throne of Oduduwa. The position carries authority, influence and power. No matter the level of affluence attained by a potential Ooni before ascending the throne, the authority of the throne transforms him to another level of influence, status and power.

Others jostling for the throne include; Omooba Adelekan Aderemi, Prince Sikiru Ayedun, Prince Abdulraheem Adedoyin, Prince Ademola Ademiluyi, Prince Adedamola Aderemi, Prince Rasheed Adetayo Oladele, amongst others.

Meanwhile a dusk to dawn curfew have been imposed in the ancient city. The curfew is to take effect on Saturday and Monday next week.

According to the council of chiefs, no indigene is allowed to come out today and Monday.

Culled from National Weekender Newspaper

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