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Monday, 28 September 2015

Monkey Found Eating Letters Atop Mailbox

By Sky News US Team

The monkey, identified as Zeek, also "had some fun" with a police patrol car, pulling a strip of moulding off the vehicle's roof.

A pet monkey has drawn the attention of police after the animal was spotted eating letters atop a mailbox in Florida.

Officers responded to reports of a monkey roaming a neighbourhood in Sanford just after 8am on Monday, police said.

Officers used a water bottle to distract Zeek. Pic: Sanford Police

An officer snapped a photo of the monkey, later identified as Zeek, casually eating the contents of a mailbox in front of one of the homes.

Police also shared video showing Zeek monkeying around with a road sign and pulling the moulding off the roof of a patrol car.

"Zeek had a little fun with our patrol car," Sanford police posted on Facebook.

Officers managed to keep the monkey distracted with a water bottle until its owner arrived to take him home, police said. By Sky News US Team

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