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Sunday, 6 September 2015


Roberto Esquivel Cabrera reportedly has the largest penis in the world. And because of the extreme length of his manhood the adult entertainment industry has sought contract with him, and he’s now on the cusp of agreeing a deal with Vivid Entertainment.

Hollywood Gossip have alleged that Cabrera that the 52-year-old Mexican is now in the midst of negotiating a deal with the studio for the sex tape. However, there are a few issues that could scupper the deal, including the fact that he can barely speak English, while the length and size of his penis could also cause an issue.

A very NSFW video of Roberto Esquivel Cabrera measuring his manhood has since been acquired by TMZ, which you can watch here. In the clip in his rather modest home, Cabrera places his penis onto a scale, before then posing for several photographs with it. In fact, in one of them he even places it against his forehead.

Cabrera’s penis measures in at 18.9 inch penis, and The Mirror have now alleged that it weighed 2.2 pounds. Roberto Esquivel Cabrera now wants to be recognised for the length of his penis, and he wants to be included in the Guinness Book Of World Records. In order to prove this, Cabrera has undergone a medical examination and even had an x-ray done of his penis.

The doctors who conducted this x-ray have now confirmed that Roberto Esquivel Cabrera’s penis is genuine according to the scan that was done in 3D. The doctor then added that Cabrera’s penis is so long because of a huge amount of extra skin. In fact, Cabrera’s penis actually just measures in at just over 6 inches long with this extra skin.

However, rather than living the life of riley because of the length of his penis, the Mexican man has admitted that the girth and size of his appendage is constantly an issue. In fact, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera wants to be registered as disabled because of his giant penis.

Cabrera, who is from Saltillo, a Mexican north-eastern town from the state of Coahuila, wants to be regarded as disabled because he insists that his penis constantly gets in his way, which means that he’s not able to hold down a steady job. Cabrera also added that he is unable to keep a girlfriend because of the length of his penis. After being deported from the USA in 2011, Cabrera has since lived in Saltillo and he even has to trawl through waste dumps for food.


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