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Saturday, 26 September 2015


Any student can start a business. It takes a lot more to balance work and studies and maintain success in both efforts. Here are some suggestions, partly culled from an article at College Startup.

Decide on priority of effort. Not everyone cares about a piece of paper (i.e., diploma) with their name on it. If that’s you, then save on school fees and just start the business.

Decide on course priority. Success in course depends on you ability to prioritize which classes require more effort.

Multi-task. If you’re taking time out to do laundry, take a notebook or laptop with you to work on business (or school) tasks while you wait.

Partner up. You may not find a suitable business partner when you start up, but keep your eyes and ears and open, and let classmates and friends know you’re searching. When you do find the right partner, you might just enjoy a synergy of effort.

Enjoy yourself. If you start hating work or studies or both, then maybe its time to take a break – even for a day.

Good luck with your entrepreneurial efforts, as they can help in paying for business school, when bursary is not available.


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