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Sunday, 20 September 2015

UK To Cut Free School Meals!

The Government is looking into scrapping free school meals for all infants at lunchtimes, Sky News has learned.

The Conservatives committed to the policy in their 2015 manifesto, but the cut is under consideration as part of George Osborne's November spending review.

Introduced by Nick Clegg in the last coalition government, the scheme saves the parents of reception, year one and year two pupils about £400 per child, per year.

The National Association of Head Teachers is looking for reassurance that funding for Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) will continue.

Meanwhile, Jamie Oliver has said "it would be a disaster" if the policy was dropped.

The celebrity chef, who advises the Government on child obesity, told Sky News the initiative has been "a major step forward for children's health and academic performance", as most packed lunches "get nowhere near the nutritional standards set for school meals".

Although the Department for Education has most of its £54bn ring-fenced, about £14bn spent on early years education, teacher training, colleges and UIFSM is not protected.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has to offer two proposals, where spending on these unprotected areas would be cut by 25% and 40%.

UIFSM did come with teething problems – not least because of the extra costs for building school kitchens.

Head teachers now want to keep the programme "after all the money and time invested".

However, Jonathan Simons from Policy Exchange said: “The principle of have a hot school lunch is a good one, but the question really is one of value for money.

"Is it the best use of £800m a year to pay for free school meals for all children, regardless of their parental wealth?"

The Department of Education refuses to rule out scrapping the scheme.

A Government spokesman said: "We believe that every child, regardless of their background, should have the same opportunities.

"That is at the heart of what we are doing with school food – no child should be hindered because they are not eating a nutritious meal at lunchtime."

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