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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

David Cameron Speaks On Tax Credit Cuts

David Cameron has insisted the tax credit cuts are "fair" but accepted that some families would be affected "differently".

In an interview with Sky News, the Prime Minister defended the cuts, which will see three million people notified just before Christmas that they will lose £1,000 a year from April.

Mr Cameron used the interview to insist that people would be £20 a week better off because of the introduction of the new National Living Wage and the rise in the level at which people start to pay income tax.

In a staunch defence of the cuts, which were the centrepiece of George Osborne's Budget, Mr Cameron said the Government was moving the UK away from a "low-pay, high welfare and high tax" society to one with "lower taxes and lower welfare."

He said: "Now I accept that we are combining those two measures (National Living Wage and income tax) with a reduction in welfare, not least because we need to get on top of our national finance get our budget deficit down and have welfare and public services in our country that we can afford for the long term."

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