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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Jeb Bush Picks Margaret Thatcher For $10 Bill

Britain's first woman prime minister was the top choice of the would-be White House contender for the revamped US note.

US Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has said he would choose the former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher as the face of the new $10 bill.

The former Florida governor made his surprise suggestion during a TV debate for the leading candidates bidding to secure the party's presidential nomination.

The White House announced early in the summer that a new-look $10 note, featuring a woman for the first time, would be introduced at the end of the decade.

The Treasury Department is seeking suggestions from the public on which woman should appear on the note.

One of the questions put to the 11 candidates in the TV debate was who their choice would be for the redesigned bill

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