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Saturday, 17 October 2015


A woman (60) was allegedly raped by her daughter's boyfriend as punishment for her daughter's refusal to have sex with him for two good years.

Police confirmed the incident which happened in Rwodzi Village under Chief Chiduku in Nyazura. It is alleged that Julius Masvosva (23) raped his girlfriend's mother as a form of punishment for her 'sexually stingy' daughter.

"Julius visited his 26-year-old girlfriend. They stay in the same village and they allegedly spent three hours together. Julius asked his lover to sleep with him but she turned him down saying she wanted to wait until they get married. She further informed her boyfriend that at her church it was important to wait until one was married for them to sleep together.

"She told him that she did not want to bring shame to her parents after being exposed in front of the congregation. The woman begged her boyfriend to wait for her or to marry her if he wanted to take her as wife. Julius tried to reason with her informing her that it was her duty to satisfy him, but the woman remained steadfast," narrated Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Enock Chishiri.

The 26-year-old girlfriend is said to have told her 23-year-old lover that it was better to end the relationship than for her to sacrifice her virginity before marriage.

Julius then left the homestead angry and insulted his "stingy girlfriend". He told her that he would not relent until he slept with her.

"The woman hurriedly packed her things and informed her mother that she was going to Hwedza to visit her friends. On the same day at around 6pm, Julius returned again and found his girlfriend's mother at the homestead. he was informed that his lover had left for Hwedza and was coming back after a week," said Insp Chishiri.

Shockingly, Julius allegedly openly declared to his mother-in-law that he had come to have sex with the woman's daughter.

"He told his mother-in-law that it was her fault that her daughter was refusing to sleep with him. He grabbed her and told her that she was going to suffer the consequences. He raped her twice before threatening to kill her is she revealed the incident to anyone," said Insp Chishiri.

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