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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Photos: Nigerians React To Lady Who Brought Her Maid To Fan Her In Salon!

I came across this on Facebook, a Nigerian madam came in a jeep and made the house help fan her until she finished fixing her nails.I cried my eyes out, the heart of a man is very wicked!

According to the person who shared the photos,she said the house help looked unkempt to her.Read her account below....

'I witnessed this modern day slavery today at a nail salon. This woman who arrived in a jeep came with this girl who looked rather unkempt and had her fan her for over 2 hours.

I watched helplessly and prayed for life to be able to add value for my children.

If she can use her as a mobile fan for over 2 hours in public you can then imagine what she uses her for behind closed doors.

No help for this children as we watch them being abused.

No school.

Still hurt by this.


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