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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

UK Anti-Deportation Activists Disrupts Nigeria Deportation Bus!

PRESS RELEASE - Anti-Deportation Activists have stopped bus leaving detention centre and Women in Yarlswood continue to resist being removed.

Pic: Winifred was deported from Canada despite having a Canadian child. Picture merely illustrative of the plight of deportees.

Ten anti-deportation activists have travelled to the outskirts of London near Heathrow Airport in an attempt to stop tonight's charter flight to Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

Two supporters have glued themselves to Colnbrook IRC gates in Solidarity with deportees set to be removed from the UK. A bus with people on it to be removed is behind the blockade and currently cannot make its way to London Stansted.

Other buses with detainees are already waiting at the airport to be forced onto a privately chartered airline.

Police are currently at the scene attempting to remove the supporters.

We have heard from Movement For Justice that women are continuing to resist their removal from Yarlswood in the Avocet Wing.

The last news we have is that the bus has left Yarlswood with only 6 or 7 women on it, even though there were 40 women down for the flight. There is a group of 12 women in a room still refusing to leave because they think another van maybe arranged.

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