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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Abort Your Pregnancy.........

FETTY WAP is relieving himself of any parenting obligations after its been revealed that he asked his ex-fling to abort her pregnancy.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Trap Queen rapper Fetty Wap and Love & Hip-Hop star Masika Kalysha were caught up in a hot fling following their collaboration on Kalysha’s single, Andale.

And although the relationship lasted all of a couple of minutes, from the “studio to the bedroom,” the one night resulted in not just a song, but apparently a child as well, Vibe reported.

At the start of December, Kalysha revealed that she was expecting a baby, and to Fetty Wap’s surprise he was reportedly the father.

The initial reaction to the news was that the reality star was “It gotta be my money cause I sho ain’t handsome,” which Fetty publicly displayed on social media. But behind the screen, TMZ reported that a source close to Kalysha said that Wap suggested for her to get an abortion.

Not backing down, Kalysha reportedly responded that she felt abortion was “murder.”

It looks like the trap star won’t be participating in any co-parenting, as TMZ reported that Wap sent text messages relieving himself of any parenting obligations. “I ain’t comin round helping yu none of that I’m lettin yu no now.”

According to her Instagram and Twitter accounts, Kalysha looking forward to motherhood and is embracing her now six-month pregnancy.

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