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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Katie Hopkins’ TLC chat show Axed!

If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World featured debate about a range of topics (Picture: TLC)

Here’s a potentially bit of bad news for Katie Hopkins – her TLC chat show, If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World, is said to have been cancelled after only one series.

The series saw the lady herself joined by a panel of celebrity guests to debate some of the thornier issues of the day – with topics including personal grooming and whether overweight people should pay extra for flights.

According to sources around 69,000 people tuned in to watch the first show – which featured guests Gemma Collins and Liz Jones – when it aired on the channel in August.

The episode in question delivered its fair share of awkward moments including Katie describing Liz Jones as looking ‘a bit weird’ and referring to an audience member as ‘a raging angry fat person in a pink dress.

Katie was joined by a string of guests including Gemma Collins and Liz Jones on the TLC show (Picture: TLC)

The controversial personality and Mail Online columnist will be be returning to TLC early next year in a follow-up to the documentary Katie Hopkins: My Fat Story, which aired on the channel back in January.

That show saw Katie gaining three stone and then losing it again in a bid to experience what it’s like to be overweight – and to prove that it is possible to shed the pounds.

Katie Hopkins Fat Story: 1 Year On will be screened on January 2 at 9pm – with Katie offering her latest views on ‘Fat Britain’ in her new Mail Online column as she suggested that telling somebody they have a weight problem could be the best Christmas gift of all.

‘We have reached a tipping point. Fat Britain is sinking,’ she wrote.

‘You need to tell the person you love they are fat. Because if not you, then who?’

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