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Saturday, 9 January 2016


London seems to be in a silly mood, as not one but TWO giant pillow fights are coming to the capital this spring - including one in Trafalgar Square, thousands of people are expected to descend on beloved student nightclub Studio 338 for some messy fun on February 7. ‘Pillow Fight Club’ is promising candy floss, popcorn, an acrobatic stageshow and ‘live goosing’ - a bizarre ritual which involves getting covered in treacle then feathers. It’s weird, but it’s definitely popular, with over three thousand people listed as ‘attending’ on Facebook - a thousand of which are from UCL alone. If you don’t feel like trashing your bedding, it’s okay. 

All pillow-fighters will be issued regulation pillows on arrival to keep the fight fair, and after the battle the acrobats will use them as crash mats. Pillow Fight Club say any that survive at the end of the night will be donated to a local homeless shelter (pillows that is, not acrobats). However, if you baulk at spending money to enjoy the traditional sleepover pastime, a free pillow fight is planned for Trafalgar Square on April 2 as part of International Pillow Fight day. See, it’s not just Londoners who are silly!.

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