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Saturday, 9 January 2016



The man with a bionic penis who was supposed to lose his virginity to a dominatrix will now have to wait even longer.

Mohammed Abad, 43, was run over by a car in 1978, when he was just six years old, in Huddersfield. The car dragged him along 600ft, slicing off his penis in the process.

After getting fitted with an eight inch bionic member, he revealed that he’d made plans to lose his virginity to 35-year-old sex worker and failed MP Charlotte Rose.

But the date has been put on hold, because Abad has been involved in another car accident.

Abad on Embarrassing Bodies (Picture: Channel 4)

According to the Scottish Sun, Abad was rushed to hospital after riding as a passenger in a BMW that collided with another car.

He was treated for a broken ankle, two deep head wounds and concussion.

However, it’s just a temporary delay.

‘I have waited long enough, so another couple of weeks won’t make much difference,’ Abad said.

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