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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Dead Body And Cash Found On South Africa-Bound Flight

A PLANE on its way to South Africa has been seized in Zimbabwe after a dead body was found on board, state-run media have reported.

Blood was seen dripping from the South Africa-bound cargo plane during a refuelling stop, the Herald newspaper said.

The airline on Monday (Feb 15) said the dead body belonged presumably to a stowaway. Zimbabwe police said it was still investigating the matter.

The plane was carrying cargo of millions of South African rand. At today's exchange rate, one million rand is worth around $44,000.

The plane had landed in Harare for refuelling, said Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe general manager David Chawota. He said the jet, registered with Western Global Airlines, was impounded at Harare airport on Sunday (Feb 14).

Chawota also claimed the, said the cargo on the US-owned plane belonged to the South African Reserve Bank.

A senior official at the bank, Pradeep Maharaj, said: "The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) is aware of an aircraft carrying a SARB consignment that stopped in Harare and was detained following the discovery of an unidentified body that is presumed to be a stowaway on the aircraft."

The bank was working with authorities to ensure that the cargo was released and transported to South Africa, Maharaj told the BBC.

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