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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Headies Ayo Animashaun In Police Brouhaha!

Gets Police invitation!

When it rains it falls, goes the trite adage! The organiser of the annual Headies award in Nigeria, Mr Ayo Animashaun is presently embroiled in a debt scandal arising from the just concluded and controversy ridden Headies award.

Our investigations revealed that Mr Ayo Animashaun, on behalf of Headies, contracted GQ Accoustics Limited for entertainment equipments and at the end of the event, refused to meet his contractual obligations under the contract, simply refused to pay GQ Accoustics!

Entreaties and pleas were made by GQ to persuade Ayo Animashaun to meet his obligations under the contract to no avail.

Subsequently, GQ consulted the popular Law firm of Kola Dopamu Peters to handle the matter.

The matter was eventually reported to Zone2 Police headquarters in Lagos wherein Ayo Animashaun has been invited to appear at the station on Thursday unfailingly.

We shall keep you posted as the case unfolds.

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