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Monday, 4 April 2016

Sex Worker Stabbed To Death In Lagos!

A commercial sex worker has been found dead in her hotel room in Mushin area of Lagos metropolis. She was found brutally stabbed to death in her room.

Not actual picture, merely illustrative of a sex worker in Nigeria.
Pic credit Google Nigeria Sex Workers

According to witnesses, the sex worker simply known as Rebecca, from Edo State went into her room to entertain a client around 7pm that evening. Nobody noticed when the customer left, but Rebecca remained inside her room for hours. Around 10pm she still did not come out of her room. Her neighbors became worried and started calling her name but she didn’t answer. They opened her door and found her dead in the pool of her blood. She was stabbed on the neck.

“When we opened her room, the floors was covered with blood,” a witness told Daily Sun. “She laid naked on her bed with blood all over her body. Her throat has been slashed open. The cut is very deep. We noticed a bucket with bloody water inside it. We suspect the killer after stabbing Rebecca, must have used the water to wash his bloody hands before sneaking out of her room and the hotel.”

Witnesses said it was neither a case of robbery or ritual killing because the deceased’s belongings were still intact. They also speculated that Rebecca could have been stabbed with a knife even though no weapon was found in her room. “I don’t think it’s a case of ritual murder or robbery because her breasts or body parts were not cut off. She was only cut on the neck. Also, even her phone was still there with her. Rebecca did not have much valuables in her room because she had an apartment in Ikeja.”

Daily Sun learnt that Rebecca was an orphan and in her early 30s. She had lived in the Remembrance hotel for two years as a sex worker. And she used her earnings to cater for her younger siblings that live in Ikeja. “Rebecca was a very calm and gentle person,” many of the sex workers told Daily Sun. “She minded her business and did not like getting into trouble with anyone here. It’s so sad something like this happened to her and to us all. This kind of thing has never happened in this hotel before.”

The incident was reported at Olosan Police Station, Mushin which made arrangements to deposit her body in the morgue.

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