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Saturday, 25 June 2016

FFK Attacked In Custody!

FFK's wife just confirmed the post below to Lamzatblog.

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, a former minister of aviation has been attacked by an extremist official of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, a source familiar with the situation confirms to The Trent.

The unfortunate incident happened on Saturday, June 25, 2016 evening at the in the anti-graft commissions detention facility in Lagos where Chief Fani-Kayode is being held illegally.

According to an inside source, Fani-Kayode, an evangelical Christian spends majority of his waking hours in prayers, praise and worship, and Bible study and Muslim extremist elements in the EFCC are not happy with the PDP’s chieftain’s ‘lifestyle’ and have been trying to “shut him up”.

But, Fani-Kayode is not one to be intimidated. Several times, a certain official named Suleman Kabiru has shouted at Fani-Kayode to stop his praise and worship session because he is “disturbing other inmates”.

“Truth be told, Fani-Kayode’s praise sessions are actually very popular with other inmates who often join the session when he starts,” the source, who did not wish to named because of the sensitivity of the matter, told our reporter.

“But this evening, as Fani-Kayode was reading the Bible aloud, [Suleman] Kabiru came and told him to hush and FFK [Femi Fani-Kayode] ignored him and continued reading his Bible. Before anybody knew what was happening, Kabiru told him that if he did not stop ‘making that noise’ he would come and shut him up by himself.

“FFK ignored him and continue to read his Bible. And the unexpected happened, Kabiru charged at FFK and snatched the Bible from him flung it away and proceeded to attack him. This scruffle attracted the attention of other EFCC operatives who rushed him to prevent what could have been a serious incident in for the commission,”

According to our source, Kabiru keep screaming, “I will kill you, this infidel!” as he attacked Fani-Kayode. He continued to shout this threat as he was dragged away by other agents who intervened.

Our reporter asked what Fani-Kayode’s reaction to this attack. “He was saying, ‘My God is bigger than you. You can’t stop me from worshiping my God’. This is quite worrisome,” our source replied.

“About 10 agents witnessed this attack,” our source said. “This is a new low for the commission. There is a lot of panic right now. I think FFK may need medical attention.”

Chief Fani-Kayode was arrested on May 9, 2016 when he honoured an invitation by the EFCC for questioning over campaign funds paid into his account by the Goodluck Jonathan Presidential Campaign Organisation during the 2015 election campaigns.

Fani Kayode has met the stringent conditions for an administrative bail but is still being held by the EFCC. He has not been charged to court and is being held by the draconian Buhari-led EFCC in gross violation of the Nigerian Constitution.

Attempts to obtain an official response from the EFCC were not successful at the time of filing this report.

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