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Friday, 15 July 2016


The Turkish military claims to have seized control of the country amid reports of tanks and army jets in Istanbul and Ankara.

An announcer on Turkey's state broadcaster TRT has read out a live statement, reportedly on the orders of the military, saying the country is now being run by a "peace council".

It comes after the NTV broadcaster quoted the army as saying: "Power in the country has been seized in its entirety."

Turkish soldiers block the Bosphorus Bridge in IstanbuL

In an extraordinary interview with a Turkish broadcaster, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on people to take to the streets.

Speaking from an unknown location on a mobile phone held up by the presenter, he said the uprising "attempt" was being run by a minority within the armed forces, warning that it would be given the "necessary response."

One news agency is reporting that a top general is among several people being "held hostage" at the military headquarters in Ankara.

Turkish soldiers block Istanbul's Bosphorus Bridge

It follows media reports that ambulances have been seen in front of the building.

NTV is showing footage of tanks at the entrance to Istanbul's Ataturk airport.

It is reported that all flights have been cancelled in and out of the airport.

Military vehicles are said to be blocking two bridges in Istanbul, while military jets have been heard flying over the Turkish capital, Ankara. 

Turkish military block access to the Bosphorus bridge in Istanbul

"It looks like a relatively well orchestrated coup by a substantial body of the military, not just a few colonels," an EU source told news agency Reuters.

"They control several strategic points in Istanbul. Given the scale of the operation, it is difficult to imagine they will stop short of prevailing," the source said.

Turkish security officers detain unknown individuals on the side of a road in Istanbul

According to Turkish media, the military statement said it had taken action to: "reinstall the constitutional order, democracy, human rights and freedoms, to ensure that the rule of law once again reigns in the country, for the law and order to be reinstated."

The military statement went on to say that "all international agreements and commitments will remain. We pledge that good relations with all world countries will continue."

The Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim earlier confirmed that military action is taking place, describing it as an illegal "attempt" by a faction of the army to seize power.

Mr Yildirim called for calm, saying security forces are doing what is necessary to resolve the situation.

He warned that those responsible for this "illegal attempt " will pay the "highest price."

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