Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Figuring out what it is not necessary to tell your significant other.

Your passwords from social networks, email and telephone

Messages can trigger groundless jealousy
"Today you have questioned her where she was, tomorrow secretly read her SMS, and now you are in the overhead mustache and dark glasses to track down her on the street" - described the jealous one popular TV presenter.

Opinions on how good or bad to be jealous, polar (ie, by the way, the data that jealousy causes men to abuse alcohol). Giving another reason, especially if your husband - jealous, still not worth it.

You can come up with another way to make sure his feelings and misunderstood a message from an unknown contact, and even taken out of context can lead to the scandal. Is it necessary?

You did not watch all episodes of Star Wars

Your preferences in movies may be different from her husband's preferences, and that's fine

Yes, unfortunately, not every earthling fun on stellar saga. Some people prefer a romantic comedy and psychological drama.

Explain that all this makes it impossible to enjoy their half of the film - it is difficult, so it's best just to keep quiet and cute smile (maybe just my husband and this is not enough).

It is likely that he will guess everything, but if you choose a tactful person, nothing to worry about.

Do you use anti-aging agents
The stereotype that beauty and youth between the equality sign, are gradually disappearing. But your loved one can easily take your first wrinkles, but afraid of their own. And this is a sad occasion for thinking that men experience harder than women. You do not want to upset the half, right?

Your thrush
Say goodbye to her quickly and permanently

If you at least once in their life experienced this unpleasant condition, you do not want to talk about it at all.

The only person who really should discuss the problem - it's your gynecologist who will prescribe appropriate therapy.

It must include antifungals (such as Diflucan), which inhibit the abnormal proliferation of fungi genus of Candida - causes thrush.

You communicate with other men
You already have the one and only, why do you need someone else?


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