Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Buried Bullets Uncovered in Anambra Nigeria

A shocking amount of bullets were discovered underground where the foundation of a new building was being dug, in the Agulu town of Anambra state. 

According to the Anambra state police commissioner, Sam Okaula, several buckets of the bullets have been hauled out of the ground and there’s more left underground.

Mr Okaula also told reporters that investigations have commenced as the police are determined to find out who buried the ammunitions, when it was buried and why it was buried.

Residents have been encouraged to assist the police with any relevant information that’ll help their investigations.



These were probably bullets from the remnants of undiscovered cache of ammunitions from the civil war.

Anambra has been relatively peaceful and there has been no incidence of any violence where the use of ammunition has been involved.

It is left for the authorities to investigate and make their findings public

God Bless Anambra.

Post by Anambra State online.

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