Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Ladies: How to Find the Right Fashion Bag!

It has long been known that the nature of a beautiful lady can be found on her purse. That gives it all the secrets of his mistress. For women a bag does two things:

1. Is a fashion accessory

2. And allows you to store the necessary things.

For which it is necessary to choose the right bag to be solved. The choice is hard work! Consider the most popular models of bags:

1. Shoulder Bag. It has rounded edges, the average size. It is called so because it is necessary to carry it over your shoulder.

2. Bag - a bag or a hobo. It has a soft, texture and shape of a semicircle. Handle this model wide. Hobo may be not only of leather, but also of textiles.

3. Baguette. Its peculiarity is that it is not large, and the shape is rectangular. Wear it in the crook of the elbow, as she had a short handle.

4. Tote. It has a rectangular shape. It is quite spacious aksessuaram.Sumka for those who like big trunks.

5. Messenger handbag. Sometimes, like leather and textiles. She has quite a long strap, so worn over the shoulder. Its highlight is the straps or buckles.

6. Kelly. Bag leather, has the shape of a trapezoid, a short handle and strap. In appearance resembles a business portfolio.

7. Clutch. A small, flat, rectangular, evening bag. This model simply has to be every woman available.

8. Bag-box. The same applies to the category of small bags, has the shape of the case. Makes it extremely rigid, solid material.

Before choosing a handbag, decide what it is for, how often you will use it.

Navigate stands at:

1. hard or soft bag you want.

2. Large or small.

3. Every day will wear or just a way out.

If you need a bag for every day, it is necessary to look at its practicality. If the output is enough to clutch.

Drawing attention to the size and shape, you should know a few rules:

1. The size. The bag should match the size of the body. If the woman is petite, she would look ridiculous with Baul and, on the contrary, stout woman, would look silly with a small bag.

2. Form. With the form bags, all the contrary. Small and slender women will bulk, large bags. A full lady, on the contrary, suitable elongated, flat model.

Having defined the size, shape and what you need it, you can confidently go to the store and choose exactly the handbag that is right for you.


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