Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Naija Instagram Scammer Exposed!

Account name: Olabisi Idayat Sanusi
Account number: 0127193808
GT Bank

Caveat emptor! Let the buyer beware of prowling fraudsters on the social media!! The one caught out is as pictured above!

The modus operandi is to open a fabulous Insta page, copy pictures from related sites, he actually copied pictures of ladies items from Mercy Aigbe's page! Next is for them to boost their Instagram followers with spam and fictitious followers thereby confusing the foolish that the page is well grounded! For your information, you can get 50,000 followers on Instagram within 24 hours if you want, so beware, not all that glitters is gold!!

Moving on, a lady (name withheld) in the UK saw some nice fashion accessories on display on his Insta page, expressed her intention, contract sealed, she was given the account number displayed above and foolishly, she sent the payment by Money transfer from London direct to the GT account!

In line with fraudsters modus, the music changed from Apala to skelewu as soon as the guy got the money! We tried to reach the guy using the number on the Insta page as shown below, for where, you know ya people na!

Swiftly, the guy moved to adjust the name of the page on Instagram, changed his details on Whatsapp but his phone number and BBM pin remain unchanged!

The London victim is working behind the scene to get him arrested! Watch this space!!


  1. Lots of them on Instagram with million fake followers

  2. She lives in LondonšŸ˜³ she dey crase ..... Na so e easy why she no go Liverpool Street go buy her stuff! Long throat