Sunday, 28 August 2016


The X Factor is back on our screens – and for many viewers that apparently means only one thing.

Nope, not that it allows us the opportunity to shout at the judges, giggle at the rubbish acts and potentially hear some seriously good new talent – but the fact that as the show’s back, Christmas must surely be round the corner.

Seriously. Never mind the fact that it’s not even September yet – the return of the ITV show also heralds the start of the festive season.

To put this in perspective, it isn’t actually Christmas for another 119 days, so there’s roughly a third of the year still to go.

But that hasn’t stopped TV viewers from already feeling festive – thanks to Channel 5 devoting an entire afternoon to Christmas movies last weekend, and Celebrity Big Brother’s recent Christmas-themed task.

So it’s no surprise to see The X Factor getting everybody in the mood for the festive season also – although we might wait a while before getting the tree out of mothballs…

The second X Factor auditions show of the series airs on Sunday night at 8pm.

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