Sunday, 16 October 2016


A secret sim-card owned by a woman exposed her adulterous affair after her husband discovered messages from her lover.

Dudzai Pasanduka, 31, told H-Metro that his wife, Yonkie Gomana, 31, owned a sim card which she used exclusively for communicating with her lover Tapiwa Sekete who works at Barclays Bank, in the city.

He said Yonkie would insert the sim-card during the day and communicate with her lover and would
remove it at night when she got home.

However, one day she got sloppy and forgot to remove the sim-card leading to Dudzai finding out about the illicit affair.

“We were married for 10 years and we have two children. I guess I saw the signs of my wife’s adulterous nature but I chose to ignore them to protect our marriage.

“Some time ago she sent a love message to her sister’s husband and her sister discovered the message. My wife said she had made a mistake as she wanted to send the message to me.

“It was funny though because she has not sent me a love message in a long time let alone tell me that she loves me. All this happened a long time ago and I think they were signs yet I ignored them,” he said.

Dudzai went to add:

“I once discovered her nude pictures she sent to a married man and she confessed that she was having an affair with that man. We went to her aunt’s place and we got counselling.

“I somehow blame myself that I failed to see where we were going as a couple. The result now has come to me catching her red-handed with yet another married man.

“I caught her with Tapiwa at a lodge and I got so angry that I assaulted her and she was admitted at Parirenyatwa hospital.

Dudzai said he took all of Yonkie’s property and dumped it at Tapiwa’s house.

H-metro reports that when reached for comment, Tapiwa distanced himself from the matter saying he knows nothing about it.

“I’m sorry but I know nothing about this issue so I have nothing to say to you,” he said before hanging up.

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