Tuesday, 29 November 2016


The Home Office is making an unlawful and inhumane attempt to remove our friend Dianne Ngoza tomorrow (Wednesday 30th) at 5.25pm. Dianne has lived in the UK for 14 years (!!), has a daughter here and is a well loved by all her friends in Manchester. She has received widespread support from refugee charities, church and community organisations, and trade unions because, as a volunteer with many of these organisations, she has worked tirelessly for the most vulnerable members of society.

Dianne has an outstanding legal human rights claim for permanent leave to remain in the UK. Her solicitor said “For the Home Office to issue removal directions when Dianne has an outstanding human rights application pending is unlawful. We will be challenging Dianne's removal if the Home Office do not confirm that they will suspend it.”

We hope that her lawyers will be successful but if they are not we are asking you to show solidarity with Dianne by calling Kenya Airlines at 4pm tomorrow. You must quote her flight number KQ1012 and her full name Dianne Ngoza.

The telephone numbers are:

Kenya Airways Heathrow
Reservation: 020 8283 1818
Customer service: 020 8283 1818
Special assistance: 020 8283 1800

Some things to say on the phone are

“Did you know that Kenya Airlines is deporting my friend on flight KQ1012, this is against her will, against the law and a breach of her human rights”

“The pilot has ultimate control over whether they fly the plane, they can decide to do the right thing”

“If she makes a fuss on the plane it will make the other passengers feel uncomfortable and may be bad for business“

Etc…. the main things to stress is
it is ultimately up to the pilot to fly the plane, not the home office
it might be bad for Kenya Airways business
It is inhumane, immoral and unlawful
and try to speak ‘up the chain’ if possible, ask to speak to the pilot.

Together we can WIN.
STOP deportations.
FREEDOM for all!

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