Tuesday, 13 December 2016

UK Nurse Sacked For Preaching Jesus To Patients

A nurse, Sarah Kuteh, has been relieved of her job at a UK hospital, Darent Valley hospital in Dartford, Kent, for discussing christianity and offering to pray with patients before their operations.

Kuteh, a mother of three with 15 years working experience, wondered how it could be harmful to tell someone about Jesus.

According to UK Daily Mail, the nurse breached guidelines, even though her job involved asking people preparing for surgery about their religion.

Speaking on how she was suspended and escorted from the hospital, Kuteh said “It was embarrassing for me and painful after all I had done in my years as a nurse.

“I was told I couldn’t even speak to my colleagues. All I had done was to nurse from my heart. How could it be harmful to tell someone about Jesus?

“I may have spoken to a few patients without their express permission when I first began the job, but I was more careful after a warning in April 2016 that there had been complaints.


  1. I wonder, if the pope had walked into the hospital and said "I'm here to pray for all the patients and staff" this would have been seen as a good thing and be plastered all over the media. But because a nurse Offered to pray not forced according to the story she has been fired and marched out the building. What an un-Godly thing to do. A lot hospitals have chapels. I really don't get this. 🤔 They would have Been quicker to embrace the pope even the the Popes and their establishment have been linked with child sex abuse for centuries.

    1. I found it a bit difficult to respond to this and you've said it well @anonymous but plesde note that this is the system we found ourselves and we just have to be very careful and use our common sense in this kind of situation. She should have seek the patient approval and the worse she should have done is to pray for the patient in silent on her own. She has worked for 15 years and she should know better and I think she's been warned couple of times. I feel so sorry for her bcos if she even sue them, I doubt she can win the case because it's the policy and if it was the vice versa in a case where patient would have told a staff nurse same, it will be sweep.under carpet. SHALOM

  2. Asking people about their religion before operations was none of her business. She broke guidelines and was rightfully sacked. Who did she think she was was? It is not her place or job to ask such personal questions and could have upset people, which she did.