Thursday, 23 March 2017


Piercing of the tongue is a rising trend but one that comes with a lot of dental health consequences.

It's not uncommon these days to see people pierce their tongues and accessorized their teeth with gems and all sorts of jewellery to look good (and maybe cool?) but most times they end up creating problems for the teeth, tongue and generally for the mouth.

There are lots of potential health hazards of piercing the tongue and wearing dental gems:

1. Tongue piercing can become infected which is potentially harmful to the whole mouth, there have been cases of swollen tongue due to infections as a result of piercings which can choke/make breathing difficult.

2. Tooth gems/jewelry can damage teeth and gums especially when they grind against them. They can also frequently create sores on the gum and cause them to recede.

3. Tooth gems/jewelry is a fast way for bacterial to build up fast opening the mouth to serious infections and in some cases tooth loss.

4. Piercings can make the tongue go numb due to nerve damages. This is usually recorded as a temporary issue but in some it's resulted in permanent damage.

5. Tooth gems have caused teeth to chip or break which usually requires expert to fix.

6. Tongue piercings and tooth gems can force gaps between teeth, leaving the mouth with funny dental arrangement which cause pain in some instance.

7. Some people get allergic reactions to piercings and gems in the mouth as people can react to the metal used.

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