Saturday, 1 April 2017


Blogging is more about having fun and passion! It has nothing to do with money in the immediate course but when you make the name, it can be a cash cow! Most seems to come up with blogging as a way of generating income, YES, on the long run, but it is a very difficult and painstaking one. With all the booby traps on the way, it will take you a minimum of 2 years before you start making any meaningful income. 

If you are looking for a way to making money online in Nigeria without paying money to start, blogging is the way especially if you blog on the right niche. Starting a blog is easy as you can even get one for free using the blogger platform. Let me make one thing clear earning from a blog is not a quick way to make money in Nigeria as it requires time, effort and patience. The advantage of blogging as one of the latest online money making opportunities around is that you could reach millions of people via the internet with your blog.

2. Affiliate Marketing
Another latest making money online technique is affiliate marketing which involves promoting other people’s products on your blog or on a social media platform and earn a commission when some one buys fro your affiliate link. Simply visit any Affiliate company like Konga affiliate or Jumia affiliate, register and select a product you can promote.

3. Freelance Writing
For those who can’t handle the stress of owning a blog but can write, this business idea will suit you. There are number of freelance sites that pay well for freelancers who can write well unique quality articles.

4. Start an eatery or restaurant business
If you know how to cook very well, then this money making business idea is for you as you can start a restaurant business. Although, It requires capital to start especially to buy utensils and other things needed, it will yield you profit on the long run. Try and set up your restaurant at a populated filled location near organizations or even local government areas.

5. Mini-importation business
I know the dollar to Naira isn’t steady, but this is what most Nigerians are doing even in this trying period. With as little as N30,000 you can start of a mini-importation business and make cool money from it. You import cheap items online through amazon, ebay e.t.c and sell them to people who need them here in Nigeria at your own price. Things you could import include: baby wears, wrist watches, second hand phones and so on.

6. Start up a Private Lesson
As long as WAEC, NECO and JAMB are still in existence, parents are always looking for private teachers to tutor their children to pass these exams. If you are good in subjects like English and Maths, you can take advantage of these fast money making idea by meting parents in your area, churches to know if they would require a lesson teacher to teach their children. These business idea work mostly for Youth corpers in Nigeria.

7. Start up transport business
If you can drive and own a car or even a bus, you can drive passengers to their various destinations or better still reach an agreement with a driver for hire purchase and what your weekly allowance would be. This business idea is lucrative and you can earn easily from it.

8. Start a poultry business
Having a poultry farm where you rear chickens is a sure way to earn money. Birds are easy to rear because they mature quickly and are always on demand. These birds are mostly sold during seasons like Christmas, Easter, weddings and parties for consumption making poultry farming a lucrative business to delve into. Also the eggs these birds lay can also be sold to add to your income.

9. Selling second hand items
Nigerians love cheap but original items. Second hand items like used phones, clothes, phone casing, shoes can all be sold to make profit. You will need to create a network of customers for these business to thrive.

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