Friday, 2 June 2017

Popular Actress in Pounds for Sex Scandal!

So Lamzat wetin be ya own for d matter abi u too wan do?? I no mind o but na only one bottle of maltina me I go gif her!!!!

Definitely no mercy for the promiscuous! Yes prostitution is illegal in the UK but when two married adults engage in illicit sex and money is the motive, mercy is thrown out of the window!!

A certain Nollywood actress who until now was happily married has been linked with the loathsome act of sleeping with different men, and the action is fast destroying her career and name.
The said actress who is without mercy for what her action could bring to even her family name, we have gathered, has become a sex object for men to whose sexual requirements she always surrenders so long the price is right.
This fair-skinned thespian who is estranged with her businessman hubby based on her alleged penchant for hopping beds, is again linked with a London based socialite whose surname in Yoruba translation sounds like ‘Mathematics’.
Like women who, with fairly high moral values, would prefer to die in hunger and poverty if prostitution is the only way to earn a living, this actress reportedly does her act with glee and she is handsomely rewarded by her mostly married bedmates with cash and valuable material gifts.
We learnt from an inside source that the South-South born actress, on her first date with the married young socialite in the UK, netted one thousand Pound Sterling. She reportedly lied to her ‘too gentle’ husband that she was traveling to the UK for business the week she met her lover abroad.
The source regaled us that, after the first date, the lovebirds have met many times within Nigeria and outside.
As you read this, the troubled actress is back in the UK allegedly to look after her health, but sources in the know are saying that she was likely back in the arms of her alleged lover having been freed temporarily from marital shackle.

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