Thursday, 20 July 2017


If you are planning on taking a vacation by yourself, you would do well to consider visiting destinations where your odds are good to get lucky. The fact is that there are some countries where the population has more se_x. If you head to a country where promiscuity is high, your odds of scoring some vacation booty go up. 

Below is an unbiased list of African countries with the most loose women..

For women who have trouble finding men who can last in bed, a trip to Nigeria could be just the ticket. Nigerians average 24 minutes per session of se_xual activity. It isn’t bad news for guys either as 62 percent of Nigerian women report that they have cheated on a partner.

For men who are looking for a destination where their chances are the greatest to get lucky, it’s hard to argue with Botswana as the perfect vacation spot.

For those who have not been fortunate enough to visit kenya, they have no idea what they are missing. The beauty of the Kenyaan people is extraordinary. They are the most cur_vaceous and bo_otylicious people on the planet. Ladies who are looking for great lovers should fly into Kenya. Kenyaan men are rated as among the most handsome men in Africa.

Ghananian men are big,tall and word on the streets has it they are open to trying new things making Ghana the perfect country to go on a vacation.

1.South Africa
For a quick trip to a se_xual paradise, consider heading south of the continent.South Africa is consistently rated as one of the ho_rniest countries on the continent. South Africans have se_x on the brain. Se_x is everywhere from the newsroom to advertising to the regulated br_othels. 63 percent of South Africans report they are se_xually satisfied, and you will be too after a vacation in South Africa.

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