Thursday, 31 August 2017


Explanation of Schengen-Visa refusal

1. A false/counterfeit/forged travel document was presented.

2. Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided in particular is considered to represent a specific risk of illegal immigration pursuant to Part V of the Common Consular Instructions;.

• The relevant documents (please see visa requirements) were not submitted.

• The documents submitted could not ascertain your purpose of stay.

• The existence of a family relationship was not substantiated with adequate documentary evidence

• The requested duration of stay is not consistent with any leave entitlements.

• The previous visas granted on the invitation of the same host have not been used to enter Germany, although the visas have been given for this purpose.

• The flight and hotel reservation submitted has been canceled in the meantime.

3. You have not provided proof of sufficient means of subsistence for the duration of the intended stay or for the return to the country of origin or residence, or for the transit to a third country into which you are certain to be admitted, or you are not in a position to acquire such means lawfully.

• You have provided no or insufficient evidence for having the financial means for the duration of your stay.

• Please have a look at the visa requirements and the information concerning your specific travel purpose. Please prepare the documents in the requested manner in case of a future application.

• Please note that only a simple bank confirmation without bank statements for the last 3 months is not sufficient as proof of financing.

4. You have already stayed for 90 days during the current 180-day period on the territory of the member states on the basis of a uniform visa or a visa with limited territorial validity.

• Generally, you are only allowed to stay 90 days within a period of 180 days in the Schengen-Area. The validity of the requested visa would exceed the maximum period of time of 90 days within 180 days.

• You did already stay longer than 90 days within 180 days in the Schengen area.

5. An alert has been issued in the Schengen Information System (SIS) for the purpose of refusing entry

• You have a negative entry in the SIS; as long as this remains, it is usually not possible to grant you a visa.

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