Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Tonight a Charter Flight will be deporting people to Nigeria and Ghana. This comes 5 months after a blockade at Stansted Airport prevented another similar plane departing, that struck a massive blow to Home Office proceedings.

The Home Office’s deportation machine did unfortunately manage to right itself, with another 14 Charter Flights having gone since the end of March, all of which are listed below. The dates listed below, are not all exactly accurate, but all the dates do however represent a flight that has gone.

This inaccuracy is because as the Home Office, since the blockade, have been refusing to release the exact dates and details of Charter Flights in advance, opting instead to issue people with what are known as limited Notice of Removal, which just outlines a window of time the Charter Flight could depart in. This added level of secrecy causing yet more difficult for those trying to find a legal remedy to challenge their removal.

It was also announced yesterday that another flight is set to leave to Albania next week.

1st August: Albania

17th July: Germany*

12th July: Albania

4th July: Pakistan

28th June: Nigeria and Ghana

21st June: Albania

12th June: Germany

30th May: Albania

23rd May: Nigeria

16th May: Pakistan

2nd May: Albania

25th April: Ghana

18th April: Pakistan

11th April: Germany

* The flights to Germany represent the use of Charter Flights to remove people on-mass as part of the Dublin III Regulations. Which limits people’s freedom of movement and choice by saying you have to claim asylum in the first safe country you were in. Whilst commercial removals to other ‘safe’ countries in Europe happens regular, the use of Charter Flights is a new as of this year. If anyone has any more information about these flights, please contact [email protected]

Solidarity with all those being deported to Ghana and Nigeria tonight.


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