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Looking at long hair is quite a challenge, have you ever wondered why people in India have long, lush hair? The beauty secrets of the Indians have been used since antiquity and are basically focused on natural care. The Indians consider that nature has all the answers to health and beauty problems , these are the 8 secrets for hair care.


1. Rinse it with cold water:

This is one of the most wonderful habits you can do in your hair, when you give up using hot water to wash the scalp, you will see results as rinsing the hair with cold water causes the pores to open and stimulate blood flow and make it brighter.

2. Aloe Vera juice:

It is known for its innumerable medicinal properties, excellent for both hair and skin . All you have to do is take certain aloe vera leaves, cut them in half to extract the juice, massage the roots of the scalp and hair in general with them, this will cause it to hydrate and stimulate growth.

3. Massage with coconut oil :

Look for a small container and fill with coconut oil, heat it for 20 seconds and apply it on the hair, then massage it gently with your fingertips so that the benefits of coconut oil are filtered in the scalp and roots. Coconut oil will nourish and decompose the sebum accumulation of the hair follicles , keep the oil for 30 minutes before using your shampoo, if you do this procedure once a week you will get better results and you will look a long and beautiful hair.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse :

Apple cider vinegar is excellent for solving hair loss problems, as it balances pH levels and prevents dandruff, likewise treat dry scalp, itching and untangle the hair. You will notice the shine in your hair after the first rinse, use the apple cider vinegar to rinse the hair instead of the shampoo and you will be surprised by its results. Once a week you can do it if you want immediate and effective results.

5. Protein Hair Masks:

One of the reasons why hair falls is because of the lack of protein in your daily diet, for these cases, re-energize your malnourished hair with the help of hair masks full of protein is the secret , the best and best known is the egg as it injects protein quickly. To do this, you have to take 2 eggs, separate the white of the yolk, apply the beaten paste and egg white on the roots of your hair with the help of a dye brush, after this, use your shampoo as you normally do and you will see how your hair will look healthier and brighter.

6. Essential oils:

In addition to coconut oil, Indians use a number of essential oils to consume their hair, some of them include: almonds, jojoba, rosemary, lavender and thyme. Said oils are able to break up the accumulation of sebum in the pores and repair damaged hair follicles , in this case, you can mix them with coconut oil and apply the sample to the roots of the scalp, let it act for 1 hour.

7. Less hair washes:

This is another of the secrets to having a long, strong and healthy hair, since to less exposure to water and chemicals, better benefits. Wash your hair constantly steal your natural essential oils and alter the pH balance, resulting in fall and gray hair inopportune. Just wash it so much , try to make it only 1-2 times a week to keep it away from damage.

8. Panthenol hair mask:

The D-panthenol is a very common ingredient available on several products for skin care basically is a synthetic form of vitamin B5 which is transformed into pantothenic acid upon contact with skin. Among its benefits are the following: revitalizes the epidermis, restores damaged hair follicles, eliminates static electricity and prevents hair loss. Apply gel or panthenol foam to your hair after washing and gently massaging it for amazing results.

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