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Debola Williams is seemingly enjoying the largesse from Abuja whilst forgeting that there are millions of unemployed youths in Nigeria, complete break down of medical facilities, bitterness and strife, hunger, housing problems, unpaid workers and a myriad of problems. 

Debola should note that the army of unemployed youths will always haunt him whenever he visits Nigeria! Go on and read about him. A tree does not make a forest.

When few months back, as the build-up towards the 2015 general elections were hotting up, not a few people were amazed at the sudden change in the projection of the image of the then presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, (APC) who is now the President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

The image of the former military ruler was swiftly brushed up and projected to the public in a manner that not only got him endeared to the people, but also added much colour to his person.

In a series of photo-shoots that captured the retired General clad in different Nigerian traditional attires, including some showing him well-dressed in a pair of suits, a new image of Buhari was sold to the world.

Aided by the social media, Buhari’s new image went viral and people started seeing him in a manner they haven’t done before. All these are part of the creative efforts of the handlers of Buhari’s Image Branding and Public Relations. The efforts of this team eventually paid up and played a massive role in the victory recorded by Buhari and the APC at the presidential election on March 28, 2015.

Although Buhari has a few key guys who played major roles as regards publicity for his campign, both on the social media and the traditional media, a young guy, Adebola Williams stand out among them.

Debola is the main guy behind the fantastic image projection and modern popularity that is working for Buhari today.

He is the one who arranges how the nice pictures of Buhari are taken and accompany such with fine details, and later make them go viral on the social media.

Such pictures include Buhari inside a private jet reading a newspaper; the retired General, decked in a fine suit striking a nice pose with one of his grandsons; his group picture with his daughters; and many more.

The main aim of Debola and his team is reshaping Buhari’s image, and how best to win the youth to his side in the just concluded campaigns and polls. The strategies worked, and it is evident in the wide acceptance of Buhari both online and offline by Nigerian youths. To get the job done, Debola and his team, we learnt floated a new company, Statecraft Communications Inc. to handle all their activities. The new company was then complemented by other existing upscale media outfits the young debola is connected with, including Red media. We gathered that Debola is so loved by Buhari and he is always with the president-elect.

29 year old Adebola is not a new name in the media world, despite his age. Fondly called, Debola Lagos, he is the co-founder of Red Media, and one of the brains behind Future Awards, Ynaija Magazine, and Rubbin’ Minds TV talk show. He has built a fantastic profile for himself in the past few years and he is well connected. Debola enjoys a very rosy rapport with outgoing Governor of Rivers State, Rotim Amaechi, who recently thrown a surprise birthday bash for him. Some people in the know even said that Debola coud have gotten the Buhari job through Governor Amaechi who was the Diirector General of the Buhari-Oshinbajo campaign organisation. At the moment, Debola is being tipped to clinch the job of the aide to the new president on social media when Buhari is sworn in on May 29th.

Debola is an indigene of Lagos state and he has been many things while growing up. He was an actor. As an actor, Adebola has performed in plays like “The gods are not to Blame, Wedlock of the gods and Oke Langbodo”, which was his last major production at the Nigerian National Theatre, earning him a Lagos State government award. He took a break with the dearth of stage productions and worked for a while as a volunteer with rescue missions.

However, his first love has always been the media, and at the age of 17, he began co-presenting Youth Talk on NTA Network. He was also presenter and associate producer on a business television show, Economy Watch, also on the NTA.

At 19, Adebola moved on to be full time producer of rave TV show Nigeria International, which showed on AIT International, NTA Network, Ben TV in London, Silverbird TV, MBI and online on In this role, he was responsible for highlighting Nigerian life around the world from a balanced perspective, getting hard interviews from the ‘high and mighty’ and discovering exquisite locations across the country. The show also pioneered the trend of celebrity presenters every week. He left the employ of the show after a successful 3-year run to concentrate full time on Red Media Africa, though he has retained a position as consultant producer.

As Operations Director of The Future Project, he has spearheaded the Town Hall meetings and Roadshows around Nigeria and internationally, in the UK and Ghana. He is also responsible for the smooth running of the post-awards seminars and conferences.

Adebola was selected as one of the Top 100 of Our Generation by Top 100 UK in 2007 and 2008 and was selected as a Global Changemaker by the British Council in 2009, attending the Changemakers Conference and World Economic Forum in Cape Town. In 2010, he was invited as a youth expert by the Africa Union and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to work on the African Youth Charter for the decade of youth in Zimbabwe.

In an interview he granted Vangurad not too long ago, he spoke on how he was born a silverspoon and how he built himself into who he is today.

On being born into a wealthy home and growing up

I was born into wealth but before I was nine, everything was lost, and that is the most difficult situation to be. If you were born in a particular state, you would be used to it, but if you were born in a particular state and it reversed to the worst, it will be difficult to adjust. If I was born in a one bedroom apartment, I already know the drill, but being born into wealth, adjusting wasn’t easy.

What he did you do to survive

At that point,I knew I had to survive, because at an early age, I realized that my life is my life and that if it got messed up, it was my life. So I made a conscious effort to make it better. When I was 14 years old, I moved from one set to the other like: Sony Macdon set in Oduduwa seeking for roles because I had always wanted to be an actor. I got two roles in two soaps that never came out. It was at that point I decided to quit. I have been into stage acting too. I was paid N100. All my life, I have always wanted to be an actor. So at the age of fifteen, I started working with a counselor and psychologist as his assistant without any qualification and pay. I learnt to channel my interpersonal skills at a young age towards relating with people to my advantage. Before then, I worked with NTA for three years. It was after a year that they started paying. But I had gained so much experience and all that experience finally paid off at the right time.

How He got his breakthrough

My CV before that time was filled with work experience on volunteering. From there, the jobs started coming. I got a job with Economic Watch, as a producer and I was reporting a business show, doing things people my age were not doing and earning far beyond what obtained in the industry at that time. From there, I got another job. The economy talk show afforded me the opportunity to travel outside telling Nigerian stories to the world: I was also traveling within Nigeria telling people of the development in different parts of the country. I went out of my way to places that I knew would impact my life, and the four years I spent working with the counselor and NTA, were my formative years that enabled me build a solid foundation of good will.


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