Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Nigeria protests over 500% tuition-fee hike!

Students at Adekunle Ajasin University in south-western Nigeria are protesting for a second day because their tuition fees have risen by some 500%

AAUA News Forum

The state-owned university, with some 17,000 students, has been popular because of its low fees, which were between $69 (£49) and $97 annually.

However, the university announced, at the start of its academic year this week, that the annual fees had increased to between $332 and $554.

Police have fired tear gas to quell the protests, but have denied using live shots to disperse the crowds.

Popoola Morayo, head of the state’s students' union, told BBC Yoruba that a student had been shot in the leg during the demonstrations on Monday.

Amos Igbekele Ajibefun, the univerisity’s vice-chancellor, told the BBC that the fees had to be increased to help with the running costs.

He also pointed out that federal government subsidies to universities had been cut in recent years because of the recession.

Busayo Akogun

BBC Yoruba, Lagos

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