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Is cousin marriage legal in the UK?

Nigel Roberts, works at CHANNELISLES.NET
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My paternal grandparents were first cousins.

It's not really that odd, and certainly nothing much anyone would worry about, although, as time has gone by, cousin marriage in the UK has become less common than it used to be.

This is probably more because of the development of communications providing a greater choice of potential spouses.

It remains more common among the aristocracy and royalty - the last Queen of England (Victoria) before the current incumbent was married to her first cousin (Albert). Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are also cousins.
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Amanda Jones, British by birth and subsequently choice
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Yes, it is, in England and Wales. Under the Marriage Act 1949*, there are various relationships which are not allowed. First cousins is about the closest which is permitted.

However, socially, in white British society it would seem a bit odd, and a bit icky. I don’t know of anyone of white British origin who has married a relative at all, and certainly not first cousins. You can be on decidedly sticky genetic ground doing it.

It is very common among some British ethnic minorities - especially British people of Pakistani origin. To make it worse, there is often cousin marriage generation after generation, and the rate of congenital birth defects is significantly higher in that community than in others.
Marriage Act 1949
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Sanjeet Kumar
Answered Dec 3 2016 · Author has 191 answers and 608k answer views

It's time to confront this taboo: First cousin marriages

First cousin marriages in Pakistani communities leading to 'appalling' disabilities among children
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Dan Weinberg, works at UK Civil Service
Answered Dec 29 2017 · Author has 676 answers and 215.7k answer views

Yes, the onlt Western Country where there are any restrictions on cousin marriages is the USA.
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Tracy Tyson, Formerly a Legal Executive in English family law.
Answered May 17 2016

Yes, first cousins can legally get married in England and Wales. I am not too certain about Scotland and Northern Ireland.
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