Sunday, 6 May 2018


This is novel and a good one!

The Small Claims' Court was commissioned by the HCJ of Lagos State on Mon. 23rd April, 2018 in all the Magisterial Districts of the Magistrate Courts in Lagos State.

It is to provide easy access to an informal, inexpensive & speedy resolution of debt recovery disputes in the Mag. Courts, of claims not exceeding N5M. The Process is simplified & encourages self representation, thus reducing cost of legal representation.

The whole process has been reduced into standard forms & the claim is initiated by simply coming to the Small Claims' Court Registry & filling the relevant forms & filing them.

The process is fast & efficent, every step is time bound, timelines are to be strictly complied with, i.e. Service of the forms, response to the claim etc.

The entire period of proceedings from filing of the claim till judgment is not to exceed 60 days.

There is a Handbook which explains every step of the process, guides through the filling of the forms & provide answers to almost every conceivable question a party, who is desirous of using the process may have.

I implore you all to take advantage of this proces to enforce your Small Claims. Its a new dawn in the Lagos State Judiciary & its the first of its kind in Nigeria.

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