Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Royal wedding goodie bag sold on eBay for eye-watering £21,400

The gift bags were offered to "community champions" inside Windsor Castle to watch the Duke and Duchess of Sussex get married.

Image:The goodie bags were offered to members of the public at Windsor Castle. Pic: eBay/ClaireOliver87

By David Mercer, news reporter

A royal wedding goodie bag being sold on eBay has received a winning bid of more than £21,000.

The souvenir item was offered to "community champions" invited into the grounds of Windsor Castle to celebrate the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's marriage on Saturday.

One gift bag, being sold by an eBay user named ClaireOliver87, was listed as sold on Tuesday evening with a winning bid of £21,400.

Image:Harry and Meghan invited the public inside the grounds of Windsor Castle

According to the website listing, the sale includes the bag itself - featuring the initials of Harry and Meghan - a Windsor Castle bottle of water, a fridge magnet, a chocolate coin, shortbread, a spectator badge and wrist band, a parking sticker, an order of service, a postcard and gift shop card and a map.

The item, which attracted 83 bids, was due to be posted to the anonymous winning bidder next week. But after widespread publicity about the auction, Ms Oliver reportedly said the winning bid was fake and that she had withdrawn the bag from eBay.

The seller's employer, Troup Bywaters + Anders, said the employee was not at the royal wedding as a representative of the company nor as a "community champion" for their work with the firm.

A spokesperson said: "Her subsequent actions on eBay were during her own spare time, and the decision to do so had nothing whatsoever to do with Troup Bywaters + Anders."

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