Wednesday, 20 June 2018


V1 - Verdict: ONE DOLLAR MASSAGE is the tentative selection but will need to be firing on all cylinders. Wings Of Light is probably the chief danger, while Generoso is another that merits respect.

V2 - Verdict: STAR FLYER is easily up to taking this on recent exploits and is difficult to oppose. Topmast is the most realistic choice for second, while Moon Warrior could also figure.

V3 - Verdict: VIVIR just about appeals most. Miss Khalifa is another with the potential to be on the premises, as is White Book.

V4 - Verdict: CERTIFIABLE's recent starts have been likeable in general and he is up to winning this. Tripod is likely to be waiting in the wings if the selection fails to deliver, while Stark also demands scrutiny.

V5 - Verdict: BAAHIR is narrowly favoured all things considered but it promises to be touch and go. Donny G is tough to ignore in the search for second, while Wild Curve comes into calculations for minor honours.

V6 - Verdict: WRAP IT UP has put together a solid series of efforts lately and has leading claims. Rebel's Idol looks to have the best prospects of the others, while Ponchielli is one to bear in mind too.

V7 - Verdict: CASCIANO looks to be the safest option but any trouble could put paid to his chance. Darkest Hour can also play a leading part, while Star Of Joburg could well have a say as well.

V8 - Verdict: WINTER STORM looks fairly hard to fault and should give it a good go. Stop And Stare also demands respect, as does Good Lord Padmore.

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